Flawless Skin Bundle


T Bundle pack comes with:
(1) Cream Blue/Azul 40g Tube
(1) DAG Daytime Moisturizer 40mL bottle
(1) DAG Nighttime Moisturizer 40mL bottle
(1) TTaio Esponjabon Concha Nácar

Minimizes wrinkles
Minimizes dark spots
Minimizes acne.
Minimizes Stretch marks
Tightens skin
Rejuvenates skin.

Use only at night. After you have asked you face with a general cleanser, on dry skin apply one layer of night time moisturizer on skin. Use a pea size amount of Cream Blue/Azul, and dot the product through the area. Spread with fingers on skin.(Optional) Once it has sat on skin for 5 minutes, apply another layer of moisturizer to prevent dry skin in the morning. Wash off in morning.

In Morning, use DAG DayTime moisturizer for daytime protection. The ingredients in our DAG DayTime Moisturizer will help skin repair & hydrate skin.

Use Esponjabon on days you do not use Cream Blue/Azul. You can scrub it directly on to skin, or rub the soap bar in hands until it foams, and wash face with foam. This will help lighten dark spots. To get faster lightening properties, leave foam on skin for a minute before washing off.

For Cream Blue/Azul beginners:
Week 1&2, only use one day out of the week.
Week 3&4, use two days out of the week
Week 5 & infinity, use 3 days of week, no more than 3 days.

We do not recommend using Cream Blue/Azul product with other serums or acid based products.

Do not use Cream Blue/Azul if pregnant

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