Cream Blue/ Azul


1 tube. 40g

Minimizes wrinkles
Minimizes dark spots
Minimizes acne.
Minimizes Stretch marks
Tightens skin
Rejuvenates skin.

Use only at night. After you have asked you face with a general cleanser, on dry skin apply one layer of night time moisturizer on skin. Use a pea size amount of Cream Blue/Azul, and dot the product through the area. Spread with fingers on skin.(Optional) Once it has sat on skin for 5 minutes, apply another layer of moisturizer to prevent dry skin in the morning. Wash off in morning.

For beginners:
Week 1&2, only use one day out of the week.
Week 3&4, use two days out of the week
Week 5 & infinity, use 3 days of week, no more than 3 days.

We do not recommend using this product with other serums or acid based products.

Do not use if pregnant